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TWT Design Sdn. Bhd., formerly known as TWT Consult, was established by a group of experienced practicing civil & structural engineers with the objective of providing clients and architects a sound, innovative and optimized engineering solution within the budget and timeframe set-out by the project team driver taking care of buildability and sustainability.
With dedicated principal and associates personal and direct involvement for every project, TWT is committed to provide top quality services, with efficient and economical design to its clients, from Public and Private Sector, from conventional contractors to EPC turn-key contractors.
Apart from Malaysia’s head office located at Petaling Jaya and branch office at Johor Bahru, TWT also collaborate with overseas consulting engineers in Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia for the projects out of Malaysia in the region.
Company Tag-line : Together We Thrive
TWT Mission Statement
To uphold Professionalism in Civil Engineering Practice:
• growth of employees
• advancement of the industry
• development of our Nation & Society
• sustainability of mankind
Civil Engineering always play an important role in the development of civilisation. From ancient Pyramids and Great Walls to modern-age tunnels and skyscrapers. We are so proud to be in such noble profession directly connected to the development of the World and hold main responsibility to the welfare and quality of Life.
Hence, it is unavoidable and shall be our bonded obligations as a Civil Engineer to act and practice Professionally. Professionalism in Civil Engineering Practice means we abide to the Code of Professional Conduct of a Registered Person in our practice. We shall discharge our duties with complete fidelity to our Clients, project stakeholders and the general public. Committed to deliver our best quality service by highly competent personnel, TWT engineers also hold paramount the safety, health and interest of the public while adhering to environmental sustainability principle.
Growth of an employee is the consequent of a series of achievements through a constant improvement in efficiency and productivity of day-to-day work by right & positive attitude, dedication and pro-active involvements to deliver excellent quality service. Our employees are motivated through the guiding principles depicted in the word T.H.R.I.V.E.:
T : Thankfulness
H : Humility/ Humbleness
R : Reflection
I : Innovation
V : Virtues
E : Efforts
Together TWT team strive hard and improve to achieve a better working and life results with our shared mission in mind to bring ultimate happiness to our family, our co-workers, our friends and our countrymen despite differences in race, religions, cultures and background.
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